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Oct 1

The Masters Review Volume V – Now Available!

The Masters Review Volume V with stories selected by Amy Hempel is now available for purchase. Our guest judge writes in her introduction: “I wanted narratives that overturned expectations, that gave me a much-needed respite from real life with sentences I would quote to friends, and—in the best cases—stories that gave me ideas for better addressing the facts of real life…” We’re so pleased to share this very special collection with you. It represents ten writers who we believe will continue to do great work.

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Table of Contents

Introduction // Amy Hempel
We Were The Drowners  •  Josie Sigler
The Pirates of Penance  •  Eliza Robertson
Detail  •  A. E. Kulze
Alkali Lake   •  Katie Young Foster
Cough  •  Jonathan Durbin
Communion   •  Jonathan Nehls
The Lindbergh Baby  •  Andres Carlstein
Hippos  •  Laurie Baker
Climb On   •  Shubha Venugopal
This Road May Flood  •  Kari Shemwell

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