The Masters Review Volume V Shortlist

May 6, 2016

Congratulations to the forty writers recognized on this year’s anthology shortlist. Amy Hempel will select the ten winning stories for publication, which will announce on or before June 6th. Thank you to everyone who submitted. We received more stories and essays than ever before and were blown away by the quality of the work. We look forward to bringing you a killer anthology this fall!

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“Ping Times” by Yasin Abdul-Muqit

“Death With Dignity” by Judith Alexander-McGovern

“Hippo Butchery” by Laurie Baker

“Such Friends” by Leslee Becker

“If I Am A Stranger” by Zane Biebelle

“The Cultural Ambassador of North Beach” by Ezra Carlsen

“The Lindbergh Baby” by Andres Carlstein

“Orange Crush” by Karlyn Coleman

“The Safest Place” by Miles Coleman

“At The Dog Park” by Yasmina Din Madden

“Cough On Me” by Jonathan Durbin

“The Kingdom of Amateur Gods” by Brad Eddy

“Alkali Lake” by Katie Young Foster

“Dress-up” by Cynthia Gunadi

“The Quickening” by Jennifer Hanno

“The Faraday Cage” by Kathryn Henion

“Pizza” by Eric Van Hoose

“Living Things” by Landon Houle

“The Deconstruction” by Blair Hurley

“Ben” by Jordan Jacks

“How Will It Smash?” by Becky Kaiser

“Detail” by A. E. Kulze

“Seamus Moody” by Samantha Levy-Arnold

“Summer, 2002” by Nancy Ludmerer

“A Gift of Tongues” by Paul McQuade

“Cry Booth” by James Mitchell

“Communion” by Jonathan Nehls

“Opening Night” by Joe Ransom

“The Pirates of Penance” by Eliza Robertson

“The Sighing” by Elizabeth Rollins

“Where Do Bees Go In The Winter?” by Michael Sakoda

“This Road May Flood” by Kari Shemwell

“We Were The Drowners” by Josie Sigler

“Vero” by Adam Soto

“The Harshest Landscapes We Know” by Lindsay Tigue

“Climb On” by Shubha Venugopal

“Meredith’s To-Don’t List” by Eric Vrooman

“EDGE” by Kristin Walrod

“Something Blue” by Rachael Warecki

“Blam” by Pam Zhang


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At The Masters Review, our mission is to support emerging writers. We only accept submissions from writers who can benefit from a larger platform: typically, writers without published novels or story collections or with low circulation. We publish fiction and nonfiction online year-round and put out an annual anthology of the ten best emerging writers in the country, judged by an expert in the field. We publish craft essays, interviews and book reviews and hold workshops that connect emerging and established writers.

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