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May 22

The Masters Review Volume VI Shortlist – Roxane Gay

Congratulations to the thirty writers recognized on this year’s anthology shortlist. Roxane Gay will select the ten winning stories and essays for publication, which will announce in mid-June. Thank you to everyone who submitted. We received more submissions than ever before and were blown away by the quality of the work. We look forward to bringing you a killer anthology this fall. Stay tuned for the final results!

The Masters Review Volume VI Shortlist

“The Morning After the Hometown Diner Burned Down” by Mike Alberti

“Gormley” by Chris Arp

“Thirteen Platitudes” by Bree Barton

“Corpse Walks Into a Bar” by Lesley Bannatyne

“Love Danny” by Cailin Barrett-Bressack

“A Pack a Day” by Betty Jo Buro

“Steal Away” by Nicole Cuffy

“The Cock in Cadwalader Heights” by Ariel Dixon

“Confessions of a Lady-In-Waiting” by Rachel Engelman

“Katie Flew Again Tonight” by Trent England

“The Girl With Fish Eyes” by Mary Fifield

“Big Sister” by Janelle Garcia

“Schitsu’umsh: Those Who Are Found Here” by Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry

“Migrations” by Michele Host

“Hope Gold” by Leslie Jones

“Meat Shack” by Kate Jayroe

“The Milkmaid” by Jessi Lewis

“A Man Stands Tall” by Gabriel Moseley

“Captain America’s Missing Fingers” by Molly Olguin

“Rubber Time” by K. W. Oxnard

“This is an Exercise in Detachment” by Amy Purcell

“Come Closer” by Molly Reid

“What This Is” by Allee Richards

“Rules of Visitation” by Ann Ryles

“Sand Angels” by Jeremy Schnotala

“Little Men” by Matthew Sullivan

“Speakers of Other Languages” by Maria Thomas

“Things He Left” by Deborah Thompson

“Out of Our Suffering” by Kasey Thornton

“Freedom” by Jonathan Vatner

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