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Jul 19

The Masters Review Volume VII Finalists!

Our print anthology is one of our favorite projects. This year, we were thrilled to partner with the marvelous Rebecca Makkai, who selected the ten finalists whose work will appear in the anthology. Check out the finalists below and keep an eye out for the anthology, which will be out in early October. Thank you to everyone who submitted your work. We enjoyed reading your stories and essays.

The Masters Review Volume VII

“The Process” by Rebekah Bergman

“Rogue Particles” by Laura Demers

“Questions for Anesthesiologists” by Robert Glick

“Little Room” by Carrie Grinstead

“Pilgrimage” by Rebecca Gummere

“Doctor, Doctor, Doctor” by Blair Lee

“Shrove Tuesday” by Jeanne Panfely

“Ghost Print” by Anna Reeser

“The Sand Nests” by Emma Sloley

“The Collectors of Anguish” by Andrea Uptmor

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