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Dec 19

TMR’s 2022 In Review

2022 is nearly behind us. It was, again, another terrific year, in which we celebrated our 10th anniversary with TMR Vol. X with Stories and Essays selected by Diane Cook, featuring as always, ten fresh, emerging voices, this year alongside personal essays from former anthology contributors. We published our first chapbook, Masterplans by Nick Almeida, announced the winner of our second chapbook: Love at the End of the World by Lindy Biller. We published the winners of our inaugural Novel Excerpt Contest, featured new fiction from Chaya Bhuvaneswar and over forty new stories, flashes and essays! Here’s to a great 2023!

The Tomb of Monsieur de Saint Colombe by A. Mauricio Ruiz

Move Along, You by Snigdha Roy

The Getaway by Natalie Storey

If I Plant You by Brian Franklin

SAGA by Joshua Nagle

I Walked the Dogs by Ai Jiang

Don’t Move by C.M. Lindley

Degenerate Matter by Jennifer Galvão

All This is Yours to Lose by Marcus Tan

Wish You Were Here by Carlee Jensen

Night Stencils by Sherine Elbanhawy

An Essential Service by Joy Guo

a work of art by aureleo sans

The Rains by Rona S. Fernandez

Snow Angels by Noah Codega

The Virgins of San Nicolás by Nicole Simonsen

Picture This by Alicia Marshall

Carve by Kaushika Suresh

Land of the Midday Sun by Jeff Ewing

Hyenas Behind the Tombstones by Sam Berman

In The New Year by Nicole VanderLinden

The Picnic by Nathan Alling Long

The Fight by Chaya Bhuvaneswar

Hey, Stop Blaming Your Dead Father’s Fists by Vincent Anioke

The Theme Park of Women’s Bodies by Maggie Cooper

The Writer by Lyndsey Smith

Knitting Verse by Elizabeth Brinsfield

The Blue Raincoat by Judith Cooper

Shelly had pencils covered in teethmarks by Lindy Biller

Unmuted by Daniel Condict Moore

The Same Country by Carole Burns

Red State by Allie Torgan

The Slapjack by Alan Sincic

Hakuri by Jessica Cavero

Take Warning: The Ballad of Sammy Slug by Glenn Lester

Rosebell by Silvia Spring

The Crown Prince of Koi by Daniel Abiva Hunt

Creeper by Taylor Sykes

A Single Mark by Reena Shah

Russian Thistle by Laura Farnsworth

Sealskin by Haley Kennedy

My Sister Versus Tomatoes by Kate Barss

The Physiology of Arriving by Michele Wong

Out, Brief Candle by Hannah Rose Roberts

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