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Mar 19

Tuesday Tips


You know us. On Tuesdays we post tips. Sometimes the tips are lists, sometimes the tips take form as an essay. Other times the tips are as small as a single sentence. Today we nod our hat to Sarah LaPolla’s Twitter feed. Sarah is an associate agent at Curtis Brown. It stands to reason she sees a lot of the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to manuscripts. Today she posted this little tid-bit on her feed:

Writers: Jeans are timeless. Bell-bottom, acid wash, wide-leg, skinny, etc. are not. Specifying a style will date your book for no reason.

And while she’s being rather specific about how this detail is dating the work, it falls perfectly under the Strunk and White moniker “Omit needless words.” Think about what you’re writing, skinny jeans and all.


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