Word List

TartleThe act of hesitating while introducing someone because you’ve forgotten their name. (Scottish)

Prozvonit – This word means to call a mobile phone and let it ring once so that the other person will call back, saving the first caller money. (Czech)

Cafune – The act of tenderly running one’s fingers through someone’s hair. (Brazilian Portuguese)

Tingo – The act of taking objects one desires from the house of a friend by gradually borrowing all of them. (Pascuense (Easter Island))

Duende – The mysterious power that a work of art has to deeply move a person. (Spanish)

Fernweh – Expressing homesickness for a place you have never been to. (German)

Komorebi – The sort of scattered light effect of sunlight shining through trees. (Pascuense)

Pochemuchka – A person who asks too many questions (Russian)

Bakku-shan – The view of a beautiful girl… as long as you’re looking at her from behind. (Japanese)

Gattara – An old woman, often lonely who dedicates her time to stray cats. (Italian)

Utepils – To sit outside on a sunny day and enjoy a beer. (Norwegian)

Culaccino – The mark left on a table from a moist glass (Italian)

Kyoikumama – A mother who pushes her children into academic achievements (Japanese)

Age-otori – To look worse after a haircut (Japanese)