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May 8

2019-2020 Winter Short Story Award for New Writers Shortlist!

The Masters Review is proud to share our shortlist for the 2019-2020 Winter Short Story Award for New Writers shortlist! These 15 stories are now with guest judge Kimberly King Parsons who will decide the three finalists for this year’s award. Congratulations, shortlisters, and a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of our submitters. This year’s competition was fierce!

Accomplice, Claire Russell

Bones, Catherine Malcynsky

Compound Fractures, Alice Hatcher

Departures, Sophie McBain

Her Own Kind, Di Bei

Joe Blake, Raeden Richardson

Lady Centaur, Masha Kisel

Mindswaps, Toby Donovan

Rapture, Chloe Seim

Reaching for a Signal, B. K. Elroy

Sore Vexed, Chad Gusler

The Driver, Samantha Xiao Cody

The Easiest Thing in the World, Taylor Grieshober

The Memorable Fancy, Jennifer Lesh Fleck

Tsunami, Shivani Manghnani

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