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Dec 4

2021 Summer Short Story Award Shortlist

We are excited to announce the shortlist for the 2021 Summer Short Story Award for New Writers! These fifteen selections are now with Kristen Arnett who will select the finalists, and we anxiously await her decision. Thank you to all of our submitters, and congratulations to our fifteen shortlisted writers!

Easter Morning by Caleb Berer

Night Stencils by Sherine Elbanhawy

Degenerate Matter by Jen Galvao

The Summer House by Merel Gerretsen

Ships in the Night by Neta Harris

The Treasure Room by Cristina Hartmann

Certainty by Pauline Holdsworth

Wish You Were Here by Carlee Jensen

The Professor by Amelia Kreminski

Don’t Move by C.M. Linley

When I Speak by Saras Manickam

Idolize by Daniel Perlstein

Bendiciones by A.J. Rodriguez

All This is Yours to Lose by Marcus Tan

Foxhunt by Kate Velguth

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