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Aug 16

8 Novelty Twitter Accounts To Follow – Literature Edition

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There are troves of twitter lists regarding the best authors to follow, the best celebrity twitter accounts, even the best novelty twitter accounts. But what about the avid literature lover? Here are 8 novelty twitter feeds that are sure to satisfy.

Edgar Allan Poe (@Edgar_Allan_Poe) – This twitter feed isn’t your typical quotes from a famous dead author. Edgar Allan Poe, “currently buried in Baltimore” also offers a humorous take on the modern world. Tweets such as, “Dismemberment is an aerobic activity that also tones the muscles of the upper body” and “Facebook isn’t even a book” will keep you coming back for more.

Moby Dick (@SuckItAhab) – There are a few Moby Dick accounts on twitter, and even though this account only has a few followers we like it the best. Tweets like, “that which doesn’t krill you makes your stronger” and “Dead Shark rides NYC subway” both with good links, is hard to pass up.

Pentametron (@pentametron) –  Petametron wins us over with their twitter bio alone: With algorithms subtle and discrete / I seek iambic writings to retweet. This twitter account retweets only those that occurs in iambic pentameter. Some are better than others, but it’s definitely worth a follow.

Kim Kierkegaardashian (@KimKierkegaard) – This account has appeared on several best novelty twitter lists and rightfully so. If religious author Kierkegaard and Kim Kardashian had to share a twitter feed, this would be it. Some of our favorites include: “A military jacket gives an outfit that extra edge without making it too hard or rough. It says: My fight is not with man, but with God” and “Your lusts are dull & sluggish, your passions sleepy. Life feels absolutely meaningless. Uggghhh you need a tan asap!” I mean, right?

Lord Voldemort (@Lord_Voldemort7) – The Dark Lord keeps things interesting with tweets like “#ImSingleBecause I hate everyone” and subtle Harry Potter references. “‘Fandom’ names are so annoying. Right, Death Eaters?” and “Prince George is flashing a peace sign at a day old. This child and I already do not agree.” It’s like following Grumpy Cat for Potter fans. An obvious must.

King Joffrey (@King_Joffrey_) – “Best account in Twesteros” this is the best account to follow for you George RR Martin fans. Your favorite Game of Thrones character to hate has a pretty strong reign over Twitter and it’s easy to see why. Tweets like, “The only things worse than Tuesday mornings are Monday mornings and Greyjoys” are enjoyable to see pop up in your feed. An opinionated “George R. R. Martin > J.K. Rowling” tweet also often occurs.

Professor Snape (@_Snape_ ) – “Being sorted into Hufflepuff is social suicide. #FreshmanAdvice” and “Someone’s getting detention for these Harry Potter film mistakes” is why we love this twitter account. There certainly isn’t a shortage of Harry Potter twitter feeds, but Voldemort and Snape are by far the best.

Mark Twain (@TheMarkTwain) – you know, for your daily dose of humor and intelligence. Most of these tweets are famous quotes and sure, you can find those online in multitudes, but nothing beats some insight and wisdom at 140 characters or less.

By Kim Winternheimer

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