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Jan 12

Fall Fiction Contest Shortlist

We are proud to announce the shortlist of fifteen stories for our latest Fall Fiction Contest, judged by Brian Evenson. Brian will select first, second, and third place stories from this list and the winners will announce in about a month’s time! We would like to thank everyone who submitted to the contest. It was an absolute pleasure to read your stories. Congratulations to our shortlisters!


“Ascent” by Paul Allison

“Together, Maureen” by Amanda Emil Anderson

“Errands” by Bryna Cofrin-Shaw

“Galaxy Defenders Stay Forever” by Samantha Edmonds

“Alone” by Jody Hobbs Hesler

“The Deca-Life Crisis” by Jessi Lewis

“Lepidomancy” by Maria Lioutaia

“Rain Gutter Estimator” by John Mandelberg

“Zombie Hunter” by KC Mead-Brewer

“Sun City” by Eugenie Montague

“A turning” by Angela O’Keeffe

“If I Could Have Anything, I’d Only Choose This” by Jill Rosenberg

“Fog Area” by Ben Sandman

“Away Game in Monaco” by Jacob van Berkum

“Pattern of Rotation” by Gerry Wilson

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