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Jul 17

The Masters Review Volume VIII Finalists!

Kate Bernheimer has spoken: These ten authors will have their stories featured in 2019’s edition of our annual anthology. Thank you so much to all of our submitters for trusting us with your work. We quite literally would not exist without you! And finally, congratulations to our ten finalists on their selection!


“Chlorine” by Kate Bucca

“Face to Face” by Jenna Geisinger

“Quiet Guest” by Dawna Kemper

“Paper Boats” by Lydia Martín

“Electric Guests” by Naïma Msechu

“An English Teacher and an Arab Man Walk Into A Bar” by H. de C.

“June” by V. Efua Prince

“Lida” by Belal Rafiq

“Fear” by Divya Sood

“American Crusader” by Lavanya Vasudevan

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