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May 12

Winter Short Story Award for New Writers — Shortlist

It’s shortlist time! These fifteen fantastic stories are in the hands of Helen Oyeyemi who now has the unenviable job of picking out the three winning entries. Thank you so much to all of our wonderful submitters, who, as always, made this such a difficult decision. Congratulations to all the writers on our shortlist!


His Kundiman by JR Enriquez Amparado

The Tree That Stood Alone in the Desert by David DeGusta

Collection of the Artist by Corey Flintoff

You’re Not the Only One by William Hawkins

Straight to My Heart by Dean Jamieson

When the Christmas Lights Go Out by Chris Kassel

Dark Kingdoms by Daria Lavelle

Celestial Navigation by Heather Marshall

Fire Grouse & Egg by Douglas W. Milliken

It Ain’t Easy by Abhijith Ravinutala

Men Make Art for Me by Julian Robles

A Decent Woman Doesn’t Want by Shambhavi Roy

Bitter Taste by Rasheeda Saka

Araucaria by Nicole Saldarriaga

The Teleporter by Keith Wilson

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