2018: A Year in Review

December 19, 2018

2018 is coming to a close. What better time to reflect on the remarkable work we’ve published on The Masters Review this past year? From playwrights to mock patrols, from slaves to “Spies,” from “Birth Stories” to stories about death. This year, we covered it all. We are so excited for the careers ahead of these emerging authors. Join us today for a look back through our 2018.

The Front Line by James Walley (December 2018)

Flight by Jennifer Jacobson (November 2018)

The Road to Damascus by Michael Broida (November 2018)

Ebenezer, Ebenezer by Ariel Chu (November 2018 – Spring Flash Fiction Winner!)

Out of the Fields by Bryna Cofrin-Shaw (October 2018 – Spring Flash Fiction Winner!)

Spies by Timothy Schirmer (October 2018 – Spring Flash Fiction Winner!)

Heitor by Chaya Bhuvaneswar (October 2018 – Featured Fiction)

You-You by Grayson Morley (September 2018)

Edged by Casey Guerin (September 2018)

Trash by Lindsay Reid Fitzgerald (August 2018)

The Dumpling Makers by Kristina Ten (July 2018)

The Art of Ending by Olivia Parkes (July 2018)

My History With Careless People, and Other Stories by Christian Winn (June 2018)

Luces by Ran O’Wain (June 2018)

The Visible Spectrum by Carlee Jensen (June 2018)

Drop Zone Summer by Nick Fuller Googins (May 2018 – Winter Short Story Award Winner!)

A History That Brings Me to You by Katie M. Flynn (May 2018 – Winter Short Story Award Winner!)

Birth Stories by Sarah Harris Wallman (May 2018 – Winter Short Story Award Winner!)

The Deca-life Crisis by Jessi Lewis (April 2018)

The Monsters by Paul Crenshaw (April 2018)

Last Bridge Burned by Ron Rash (March 2018 – Featured Fiction)

If I Could Have Anything, I’d Only Choose This by Jill Rosenberg (March 2018 – Fall Fiction Contest Winner!)

Lepidomancy by Maria Lioutaia (March 2018 – Fall Fiction Contest Winner!)

Together, Maureen by Amanda Emil Anderson (February 2018 – Fall Fiction Contest Winner!)

Mistakes of Thought by Youmi Park (February 2018)

Night Vision by Glori Simmons (January 2018)

Private Affair by D.S. Englander (January 2018)


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